Celina Lin Speaks to the BBC About Her Secret Weapons

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Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin has appeared on BBC Radio talking with professional gambler Cat Hulbert about the trials and tribulations of gambling in a testosterone filled world and she unveils a saucy secret.

Did you know if you stared at a woman’s breasts while playing poker, you are more likely to make a rash decision in the game?

Global Poker League (GPL) Hong Kong Stars Team Manager Celina Lin does.

Celina Lin Speaks to the BBC About Her Secret WeaponsDuring an interview with the BBC where Lin appeared alongside professional gambler Cat Hulbert, the PokerStars Team Pro told the interviewer that she has a little secret that helps her game when she goes deep in a tournament.

“I wear lower cut tops the deeper I get into tournaments because research has shown that men cannot think as well when blood seems to be going elsewhere. If it means me winning a trophy, I don’t think there’s something wrong with that.” Said Lin.

The research that Lin refers to could be the study published in the January 2016 issue of The Archives of Sexual Behaviour, that took place in a Canadian college. One batch of students watched porn clips, and the other batch watched WALL-E.

Researchers then asked the two groups various questions regarding the use of contraception, and in a second experiment, sent them to play Blackjack. The tests revealed the group watching porn were more likely to make riskier decisions than those that looked at a cute robot trying to fall in love with another cute robot.

Lin and Hulbert were invited to speak on the BBC radio show to answer questions about the ‘testosterone filled world of professional gambling.’ Some of the most interesting debates surfaced between the two very different gamblers.

Lin’s acknowledgement that she uses her physicality as a way to gain an edge at the table came after Hulbert asked her how being recognised as the ‘sexiest female poker player in Asia’ helped or hindered her?

“As a woman, if you have got it I cannot see why you can’t use it to your advantage.” Said Lin.

Hulbert, who has spent the past 40-years gambling at the blackjack and poker tables, then stated that she didn’t think we {women} were as good as male players, before going on to state her opinion that women were ‘better than male players.’

“I agree.” Said Lin.

Lin also believes men need some fashion tips and a good wash when she called poker players the ‘worse dressed’ and said, ‘there are players who sit next to me who stink horribly. Basic human hygiene is important.’

Lin must be missing a signed photograph of the immaculately dressed and tea tree smelling GPL Moscow Wolverines team manager Anatoly Filatov on her bedroom wall. And it’s a good job. Those studies revealed that women also make rash decisions when turned on.

It was an interesting three-way conversation that you can listen to right here.

Other interesting spots involve ‘Chinas’s Queen of Poker’ talking about her father’s lack of acceptance of her chosen career; Hulbert’s assertion that she wouldn’t legalise gambling because the addictive element therein, and how Lin used to like a flutter at the Roulette tables until poker taught her that table games are for people who spend their time looking at Instagram photographs of Dolly Castro and Brad Pitt.



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