Chats with Tats – Felipe Ramos

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In this episode of Chats with Tats, poker pro Felipe Ramos talks about his passion for music with’s Tatjana Pasalic.

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To say that Felipe Ramos is passionate about music is an understatement.

“Before I play poker, I sued to be a musician,” Ramos told “I used to work in a financial market, too, so part-time music, part-time regular job.”

Then, the pro player found success on the felt table, and not just with cards.

“After I got some success playing poker, I got to know a couple of people that were actually my friends in poker and our dear friends in music, and we got together,” Ramos said. “So writing music, that’s all I love to do on my free time: play instruments and sing, all those stuff.”

He said that writing songs is his “getaway” especially whenever he’s having a really bad week.

“I’m like a very emotional guy, not [on the] outside, just from inside… I put it all on the paper, so that makes me feel better because like, for example, whenever playing poker gets too stressful sometimes, this is a nice getaway, too. It’s a good habit to have,” Ramos said.

Now, Ramos is ready to show the world his music.

“We’re working on a new album. We’re going to be launching this as a rock band. It’s called Dz6, which means sixteen in English, in Brazil,” he said. “We going to have a couple of shows here in the United States soon. We already have shows scheduled in Europe for the second semester.”


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