Annelies in’t Veld encourages startups to enter Amsterdam market

Annelies In't Veld on starting business on Amsterdam

In this interview with’s Rebecca Liggero, Amsterdam in Business’s Annelies in’t Veld talks about what the city has to offer to startup companies.

The city of Amsterdam is opening its doors to startup companies.

Annelies in’t Veld works in the government of Amsterdam, which is now encouraging startup companies to venture into the city.

“We’re looking at startups in general, so everybody’s welcome here in Amsterdam to start his or her business here,” in’t Veld told

The city is looking to get the “most interesting startups,” especially tech startups, creative companies an innovative companies. These businesses, according to in’t Veld, will benefit from the innovative system that Amsterdam has to offer.

“First of all, we are a small-scale city, so it really attracts a lot of people to live and work in Amsterdam. And because we are pretty small, we always have a very international outlook,” she explained. “You can find 180 different nationalities here, so it’s easy to find highly educated and flexible workforce.”

Amsterdam is also proud of its ICT infrastructure, which in’t Veld said appeals to tech companies.

“We have an excellent ICT infrastructure. [We have] very high broadband penetration in Amsterdam, which attracts a lot of ICT companies and ICT-related startups,” she said.

In’t Veld, in fact, is busy getting the word out about what the city has to offer to startups.

“We organize events. We organize network events. We give presentations at seminars and really make sure that we promote Amsterdam as the best startup location in the world,” she said.