2015 WSOP Main Event: McKeehen in Charge; Cannuli, Stern and Steinberg Eliminated

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Joe McKeehen retains a significant lead over the final three players in the World Series of Poker Main Event Final Table at the end of the second day.

The second day of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event Final Table as ended. Three players had their dreams dashed. Three more continue to exist in make believe land. Only one continues to act as the tyrant.

2015 WSOP Main Event: McKeehen in Charge; Cannuli, Stern and Steinberg Eliminated

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WSOP Main Event Final Table Starting Chip Counts

1st. Joe McKeehen – 91,350,000
2nd. Ofer Zbi Stern – 32,500,000
3rd. Neil Blumenfield – 31,500,000
4th. Max Steinberg – 16,000,000
5th. Josh Beckley – 10,875,000
6th. Thomas Cannuli – 10,425,000

It was a different day, but we had the same start.

Thomas Cannuli eliminated after only two hands.

The man who started the day as the short stack opened to 1.4m from under the gun and then called when Max Steinberg moved all-in from the big blind.


Cannuli: [As] [Ac]
Steinberg: [Td] [Th]

It was a dream come true for Cannuli, but it would soon turn into a nightmare. The flop fell [Jc] [Ts] [6c], and Steinberg’s rail was in rapture. The Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) professional had come from behind by flopping a set of tens. Cannuli was looking for one of two aces, and they never arrived.

25 hands later and we had the first double up of the day. The action folded around to Ofer Zvi Stern in the small blind, and he applied maximum pressure on big blind Josh Beckley by moving all-in. Beckley checked his cards and snap-called. We had another showdown this time with Beckley at risk of elimination.


Beckley: [As] [Ah]
Stern: [Ts] [9s]

This time, it was Beckley holding the Rockets, and he did not want to be joining Cannuli in the headlines of today’s tragedies. The dealer fanned out [7d] [5d] [2c] [3s] [2d], and Beckley moved up to 37bb; Stern was knocked down to 23bb.

That hand seemed to cut Stern down to size with a chainsaw. 23 hands later and Stern was out. He raised to 11.5m from under the gun (leaving 425k behind), Neil Blumenfield, who had him covered, moved all-in from the next seat, and Stern made the call.


Blumenfield: [Ax] [Kx]
Stern: [Ac] [Jh]

Board: [7h] [5s] [3d] [Kd] [Qd]

Stern’s dominated hand remained that way after the five community cards, and Blumenfield moved up to 39bb as a disappointed Stern headed for a reassuring hug from his supporters on the rail.

Two eliminations and not a Joe McKeehen in sight.

That would change as the day’s action grounded to a halt with the third elimination of the day.

Our fourth place finisher was the only player who could boast of winning a WSOP bracelet. The perfectly exfoliated, manicured and ship-shaped Max Steinberg jammed for 16.5m from the big blind after the chip leader had opened for 2m, and he made the call.


McKeehen: [Ad] [Qc]
Steinberg: [Ah] [Jd]

Board: [9d][7c] [5s] [8c] [3d]

Once again, ace-jack proved to be the gangrene hand, as it cut another player out of this wonderful masterpiece.

And with that the day ended with McKeehen still in total control.

WSOP Main Event Final Table Chip Counts

1st. Joe McKeehen – 128,825,000
2nd. Neil Blumenfield – 40,125,000
3rd. Josh Beckley – 23,700,000

The action will continue at 6 pm (Vegas Time) where the WSOP will crown the next world champion.

WSOP Main Event Final Table Payouts

1st. $7,680,021
2nd. $4,469,171
3rd. $3,397,103
4th. Max Steinberg – $2,614,558
5th. Ofer Zvi Stern – $1,910,971
6th. Thomas Cannuli – $1,426,072
7th. Pierre Neuville – $1,203,293
8th. Federico Butteroni – $1,097,056
9th. Patrick Chan – $1,001,020


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