Becky’s Affiliated: World’s first multi-vertical network for Bitcoin affiliates to be revealed at SiGMA

Becky’s Affiliated: World’s first multi-vertical network for Bitcoin affiliates to be revealed at SiGMA

Marc Kenisberg, the founder of Jamworx, has been in the iGaming affiliate industry for many years but now is making a move into the exciting world of Bitcoin.  Kenisberg believes the time is now for affiliates to get involved in Bitcoin related verticals that include but also go beyond gambling.

Kenisberg’s newest venture is set to be revealed today and tomorrow at SiGMA, an affiliate program he believes will ease affiliates into the Bitcoin space and therefore provide them with more opportunities to make commissions.  I had a chat with Kenisberg at the BAC in Berlin to learn more about his background in Bitcoin and why affiliates should get involved with the technology right now as opposed to down the line.

Becky Liggero: First of all, tell me about your entry into the Bitcoin world, how did you get excited about this currency?

Marc Kenisberg: I actually read about the technology, I’m basically a geek at heart and I was excited and I started writing a blog about it. Nothing work related, just kind of about the technology and I put up a couple of banners just because I’m an affiliate and that’s what I do and then when we started earning from it.  That’s when we realized there’s a real potential to earn.

BL: I’ve talked with many people about Bitcoin in the online gambling space and they are excited about it but they say that it’s a bit premature.  Its been a few months since then, so tell me at what stage do you think we are at right now when it comes to Bitcoin and the online gambling affiliate industry?

MK: I think its very early, but I don’t think its premature at all.  I think it’s the perfect window for people to move early and the people that take advantage now will really benefit if it grows.

BL: Now what grounds do you have to say that its not too early start, tell me how successful have you been in the affiliate world when it comes to Bitcoin?

MK: So when we started it was really a hobby exercise and today we have staff that work on Bitcoin projects and that are paid for by Bitcoins.  In fact, all of our flights to the conference were paid for by Bitcoins.  So I’m pretty comfortable saying its not too early and I think if you look at the data, because the Blockchain has so much available data, you know we have millions and millions of dollars being wagered every month in Bitcoin, so maybe its not billions on gambling, but millions of dollars, there’s a share for affiliates.

BL: Excellent. So tell me about the project you are working on right now with Jamworx and how that has to do with the Bitcoin industry.

MK: I’m very excited. We’re going to be doing the launch of a new product in a couple of weeks and this is actually the first place we’re actually speaking about it.  Its basically going to be an affiliate program for Bitcoin affiliates, people interested in working with Bitcoin or existing casino affiliates.  But we’re going to do something a little bit different.

We’re going to have casinos but we’re going to have travel, hotels and jewellery and pets and anything that you can buy with Bitcoins you’re going to be able to advertise through us.  And it’s the first multi-vertical network ever in the Bitcoin space- no one’s ever done it- and we actually built it because we got tired of dealing with so many random programs and I’m pretty excited because its going to be something really good and it will help affiliates get more into the Bitcoin space.

BL: I love it.  Well anything helping affiliates branch out and do things and make more money we like.  Very good Mark, thank you so much for joining me today I really do appreciate it.