Becky’s Affiliated: Top 5 Sessions to attend at iGaming Super Show 2015

Becky’s Affiliated: Top six takeaways from MiGS 2015

The iGaming Super Show 2015 is almost upon us – you can just feel the excitement brewing throughout the iGaming industry because everyone loves a nice (all expenses paid) trip to Amsterdam.

Becky’s Affiliated: Top 5 Sessions to attend at iGaming Super Show 2015Aside from the fact the Super Show takes place within one of the best cities in the world, iGaming Business will be putting on quite an event this year, consisting of the biggest expo floor to date and eight independent conference tracks.  These tracks include the AAC, payments, binary/financial, an executive summit, sportsbetting, player acquisition and more.

One of the greatest challenges we face when attending a show of this size is figuring out how to spend our time because there is so much happening all at once.  My best piece of advice is to walk into the expo with a plan of attack because you won’t simply stumble across that one session you should be attending.

For those of you how want some pointers, after studying the conference agenda myself, I’ve picked out five sessions I would consider “must attends”, keeping in mind the relevance of the topics and the quality of the speakers.  However, I strongly encourage you to check out all the conference sessions as your objectives may be more specific and there is a lot of quality content to choose from.

Session: How to Solve the Biggest Problem for any Affiliate

Conference: Amsterdam Affiliate Conference

Time: Wednesday, June 24, 10:05-10:45

Speaker: Charles Gillespie, CEO, KAX Media

Charles Gillespie is one of the most successful affiliates in the business, having been involved for over a decade and now running the infamous URL amongst plenty of other projects.

During this session Gillespie will touch on the new affiliate tracking solution Adge and cover topics such as how to save time, simplify accounting and increase business intelligence.

Session: How Personalisation will Change the Acquisition and Retention Game

Conference: Amsterdam Affiliate Conference

Time: Wednesday, June 24, 10:45-11:30

Speaker: Andrew Sharland, Managing Director, Fresh 8 Gaming

Personalisation is one of this year’s buzz words without question.  Learning how to tailor your content to a particular audience will result in more acquisitions, higher retention rates and of course ultimately leading to more money.

Andrew Sharland is the Founder of Fresh 8 Gaming, an innovative digital advertising company specializing in personalization, to the point where content is created based on what kind of customer they are and what they are reading on the page.  During this session, Sharland will share his expertise on personalization and how affiliates can use it to increase revenues.

Session: Bet on eSports: Trend/Revolution/Disruptor/Game Changer

Conference: iGaming Executive Conference

Time: Wednesday, June 24, 15:00-15:30

Speaker: Peter Warman, CEO & Co-founder, Newzoo

As bizarre as it sounds, eSports really could be the next “big thing” in betting.

For those of you know don’t know, eSports or “electronic sports” is a term for organized multiplayer video game competitions, commonly in the form of fighting, shooting, online battles, etc.  The popularity of eSports was enhanced with the launch of and the global following of the industry has grown exponentially over the past ten years, especially in Asia.

During this session, Peter Warman will dive into the current eSports market and discuss where the industry is going, why it’s a major disruptor and how the online gambling industry can take advantage.

Session: Paddy Power

Conference: Player Acquisition Strategies

Time: Thursday, June 25, 12:40-13:00

Speaker: Paddy Power, Director of Communications

Paddy Power is an online gambling operator known for their clever PR stunts and overall marketing strategy.  Paddy Power is also a person, the grandson of the company’s Founder and currently serving as the Director of Communications.

In this session Mr. Power will provide examples of how Paddy Power has identified opportunities for PR stunts and successfully executed them.  Having already seen Mr. Power present several times myself, I can confirm he is a pleasure to listen to and has plenty of inspiring visuals to go along with his story.

Session: Keynote- Asian Perspective

Conference: Betting Trends & Strategies

Time: Thursday, June 25, 14:45-15:30

Speaker: Patrick Jay, Independent Global Betting & Gaming Expert

The Asian market continues to be an area where iGaming operators are itching to enter.  The main challenges here are finding the right partners, understanding the different cultures, identifying which Asian markets are right for your busiess and actually getting a foot in the door.

Patrick Jay has a great deal of experience in this multifaceted market and will dive into the different jurisdictions during his presentation. He will cover which regions have the most promise for iGaming operators and offer advice on how operators should go about entering.