GoCoin Operations Director Eric Benz on Working with the iGaming Regulators

Interview with Eric Benz Operation of GoCoin

Rebecca Liggero talks to Eric Benz, Operations Director of GoCoin, as he discussed what he’s been working on for the past year in terms of working with igaming regulators.

“Working with the government to really create a framework on boarding and providing an actual environment for the companies to basically just come there and set up their business withour fear of being shut down and scaling their operations then basically showcasing technology as it should be.

The Isle of Man, as we’ve heard, is the first jurisdiction the regulatory approval obviously with the Gambling Supervision Commission (GSC) and Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) and everything else in terms of these companies are operating like GoCoin as a merchant processor or exchanges vice versa. Isle of Man id very very good for this eco-system and industry, giving us a lot of legitimacy, which is kind of what we need.

GoCoin is the first digital currency payment platform offering a tailored solution for regulated iGaming operators to benefit from bitcoin and emerging altcoins with international casual and real money games.

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