PokerStars to Guarantee $5 Million During MicroMillions Series

PokerStars to Guarantee $5 Million During MicroMillions Series

PokerStars have slapped a $5m guarantee on the side of their 10th installment of the low stakes grinding wet dream: The MicroMillions.

PokerStars to Guarantee $5 Million During MicroMillions SeriesThe MicroMillions is one of the only times of the year you can drag your partner in front of the computer screen to show them that you are buying in for peanuts, and are coming home with the monkey.

It’s a low stakes grinders wet dream.

It’s the 10th time PokerStars have paid attention to the little person. It gets bigger each year. The series starts Thursday 19 March with Event #1: $0.11+R NL Hold’em {Hyper-Active}, and ends on Sunday 29 March with 10 events including Event #98: $22 No-Limit Hold’em Main Event.

That first event has a $20,000 guarantee, the main event has a $1m guarantee, and all-in-all PokerStars are putting $5m on the line. Not that it will be much of a sweat. The little people will guzzle it up.

There will be 100 events in total. Poker derivatives include the aforementioned Cadillac of Poker, Omaha, Razz, Badugi, Single-Draw, HORSE, 8-Game, Stud and Courchevel.

Then you have the derivatives on top of the derivatives. Game formats include Hyper-Active, Turbo, Zoom, Bubble Dash, Big Antes, Progressive Super-Knockout, Ante Up, 3x Turbo, and a whole lot more acronyms and numbers that I fail to comprehend.

I gather keeping it simple isn’t part of the recipe.

The buy-in levels range from $0.11 to $22. They are so small you assume they must pay you to enter satellites.

And there’s more.

The series also has its own unique leader board. You earn points each time you make the money, and the top 100 players will be rewarded. 11th through to 100th will receive a free entry into the Sunday Million. 2nd to 10th win five Sunday Million tickets, and the winner will win free Sunday Million tickets for six months. That’s 26 entries if you can’t be assed to work out the math.

In MicroMillions 9 makarios007 took down the first prize of $92,899.05.

The full schedule can be found right here.