SEO Tip of the Week: Topical Trust Flow

SEO Tip of the Week: Topical Trust Flow

90 Digital CEO Nick Garner talks about Majestic Topical Trustflow and why it’s a great signal for relevance in this edition of’s SEO Tip of the Week.

Over the last couple of years tools have emerged which do a really good job of determining the topic of a site. This is great, but to make it useful, there has to be a degree of standardisation. And this is where Majestic have been very useful…They have something called Topical Trust Flow. There are around 1,000 categorisations of content and for each categorization they append a probability against it. Take, this is what Majestic thinks the site is about:

The number is confiance in the score, the 2nd number is the categorisation.

  • 24 Business / Arts and Entertainment
  • 21 Games / Gambling
  • 19 Computers / Internet / Web Design and Development
  • 19 Society / Issues

Here is Betfair:

  • 65 Games / Gambling
  • 31 Sports / Soccer
  • 29 Sports
  • 27 Sports / Equestrian


  • 41 Games / Gambling
  • 39 Computers / Data Formats
  • 29 Sports / Motorsports
  • 25 Arts / Television

When you get to see many, many thousands of these results, common patterns emerge. One is spam sites who rank well have links that come from relevant topical categorisations. i.e. If its  a gambling site, then the links seem to be from gambling sites.

The thing I look for is the 1st and 2nd categorisations of the domain and the certainty number. So anything over 20 is good for me.  Over time as you work the data, you will see certain patterns emerge that will be right for you. The most important factor is that this categorisation seems to be trustworthy. Dixon Jones has done a really useful post on topical trust flow here.