SEO Tip of the Week: 200 Ranking Factors

SEO Tip of the week: 200 Ranking Factors

90 Digital CEO Nick Garner talks about Google’s 200 Ranking Factors in this edition of’s SEO Tip of the Week.

Hi there, this is my SEO tip of the week – extended version!

Tip 1

Google is complicated, so once in a while I like to run through a nice long list of ranking factors that can help refresh my memory on what’s important to rank well on Google. Apparently there are around 200 ranking factors that we know of and according to google there are several variations of certain factors, which means there may be 1000’s of variants in the google algo that may affect where you are seen.

Brian Dean from backlinko has written a great list covering 200 factors he has found. Having talked to Brian he talks about 10 major ranking factors that really stand out

      1. Keywords at the beginning of the title tag
      2. The right content length
      3. Page load speed
      4. Keyword prominence and positioning
      5. Page authority & Pagerank
      6. Domain Authority
      7. Link relevance
      8. Dwell time
      9. Responsive Design
      10. Thin or duplicate content

To see the full list check it out here:

Tip 2

There are some really useful documents on ranking factors aside from Brian’s one:

  • SearchEngineLand have the periodic table of ranking factors. Check it out here: LINK
  • Search Metrics did a large study at the end of 2013 with their dataset on ranking factors they thought count. Check it out here: LINK
  • Mox have done some research on most important ranking factors for 2013. Check it out here: LINK

If you take 3 hours and read through it all, I think you will have a pretty good understanding of what factors are most important.

Of course I can save you a load of reading and give you the simple answer…

45% links / 55% onsite – and since onsite seo is comparatively easy – links are the tough one to crack!