Life Outside of Poker: Shannon Shorr – Personal Continuous Improvement

Life Outside of Poker: Shannon Shorr – Personal Continuous Improvement

Napoleon Hill once said that the starting point of all achievement starts with desire.

The very best components of their arts also understand this.

They know that desire is not hope. Desire is not a wish. Desire transcends everything else. It is definite.

Shannon Shorr is a man who has desire. He is also a man who is one of the very best components of his art, never better demonstrated than when he was honored in the top ten of the Global Poker Index Player of the Decade.

Life Outside of Poker: Shannon Shorr – Personal Continuous ImprovementShorr’s desire comes from an unwavering belief in his person. He is on a journey of personal continuous improvement, and that’s the very reason I have invited him onto this show.

Where did your journey of personal continuous improvement start?

“I would say it began right around the end of the WSOP in 2011. I was spending some time at home in Birmingham Alabama and vividly remember having this conversation with friends, which really flipped a switch concerning how much we can do with our lives; how much we can improve; not being stagnant; and not wasting your life, which as a poker player I have been guilty of doing. So around August 2011 I really flipped the switch.”

What was the catalyst for change?

“It’s hard to say actually. I was about 26-years old at that time so I had experienced a lot, especially being thrust into the poker world at the age of 21. I was starting to get into better shape and it’s the number one thing that I have done. It has given me so much energy and passion and I think that played a huge role in helping me make the changes I have.”

What areas of your life are you focusing on and how?

“I really wanted to diversify myself and become more cultured. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the self-culture – especially being in the poker world – just playing poker and partying in our own little bubble. I also wanted to become  more intelligent and get better at connecting with people.”

What resources have you used during your journey?

“I have done a ton of reading and have become fascinated with human  interaction. The first book that really got me heading in the right direction was the Power of Eye Contact. It sounds cheesy but it was so huge and helped me connect with people on a totally different level. I suggest everyone checks that book out.

“I also watch a lot of documentaries to try and expand my mind and be more accepting. I have gotten into meditation and yoga, which have also been good for me. I have also learned to accept things for what they are which has been great for my poker playing.

“I remember reading a couple of excerpts in the Power of Eye Contact and they reminded me that with every interaction you have with people there is an opportunity to learn and grow from it, and if you go throughout your daily life without making an attempt to know anyone else, then you can become really closed off, time just goes by, and you could end up having a lot of regrets, which is something I don’t want to have.”

What are the types of things that move you?

“I’m moved by people who are genuine; people who are out there to help others by making a difference; people who don’t get wrapped up by money, fame and all the superficial bullshit that goes on – I like authenticity.”

And how do you see yourself eventually helping others?

“I have thought a lot about that and can very well see myself heading towards a life of total philanthropy. I am not there yet because there are still a lot of things that I want to do in life, but I am so fascinated about the thought, although I am aware that it’s more difficult that it seems – but can be so rewarding.”

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