MARCA partners with Oddslife and Launches MARCA EL GURU

marca-oddslife-launches-marca-el-guruMARCA, the leading sports media in Spain, has entered the social gaming market after launching MARCA EL GURU, a customized social sportsbook platform that allows users to engage and compete with each other using their knowledge of sports.

MARCA EL GURU has been developed on the Oddslife platform. Oddslife is one of the leading suppliers of social betting technology to the gambling and media industry. Oddslife has included a slew of new features it hopes will help motivate users and increase engagement, including missions, profile badges, virtual trophies, leaderboards and prize systems, and World Cup competitions. According to Oddslife, there features are available on web browsers and an iOS and Facebook app.

 “We have been very pleased at the reception that MARCA EL GURU has received from our users after just six weeks and we are already planning to take our engagement to the next level with the creation of apps for iPhone and Facebook. We are very excited about the World Cup version which we believe will attract many more users,” said MARCA Director, Carlos Gonzalez.

“MARCA EL GURU really shows off the capabilities of our platform. Working with MARCA is a great coup for our team, as their brand and loyal following make them the ideal partner,” Oddslife CEO and founder Rasmus Sojmark said, praising the new partnership.

“We’re now searching for more media brands in other countries who want to get involved with the thrill of sports betting without having to invest the time and the expense involved in getting a full betting licence or developing their own social games. Our social sportsbook can be applied to both regulated and unregulated markets, as we are not taking real money bets. With the World Cup this summer providing an excellent opportunity for customer engagement, we have also created a product specific for the tournament, allowing media brands to dip their toe in and see what social sports betting is all about,” Sojmark added.

MARCA has now joined a growing list of European media companies that have adopted Oddslife’s social betting solution, which includes in Denmark, in Bulgaria and Greece’s