Urgent SEO Retraction and Amendment by Paul Reilly

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Urgent SEO Retraction and Amendment by Paul ReillyThis update requires the immediate attention of your SEO department or agency.

On a number of occasions I have made recommendation which I regrettably, omitted a vital piece of information which may jeopardise your site’s ability to perform in natural search.

Specifically, comments made on an interview with from the Barcelona Affiliate Conference, which were reiterated further at London Affiliate Conference during the Future of Link Building Session (Saturday 8th 2014).

During these sessions I referred to the correlation between site quality vs Trust and Citation Flow metrics. I advised delegates to acquire links with high Citation or Trust flow metrics.

Note: Citation Flow and Trust Flow are MajesticSEO which indicate organic appearing link growth patterns.

The key point which had been omitted from those recommendations is this:

The relationship between a site’s citation flow and trust flow should have a ratio close to 1:1. Greater differentials are an indication of low quality where as 1:1 or close to parity is an indication of quality.

Here’s a detailed statistical analysis of this ratio issue on the official Majestic SEO blog.

If you have been adversely impacted by this omission or have any questions related to the matter, I’m happy to address these personally.

Please email me on [email protected] with “FlowMetrics” in the subject line and I will respond right away.


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