Hot speakers who you need to see at 2014 London Affiliate Conference

london-affiliate-conference-2014-hot-speakersWithout a doubt there exists a circuit of core speakers that the iGaming industry can count on hearing from year after year.  Kudos to them and keep it coming, but there are also speakers coming in from outside the industry who can provide some new ideas and perspective on issues facing industries in addition to our own.

To identify some of the new speakers signed up for the upcoming LAC, I spoke with iGaming Business and after reviewing their experience, here are a few you should consider adding to your schedule.

Brian Dean, Owner, Backlinko

Dean is a brand new speaker at the LAC and likely for the online gambling industry in general.  His company, Backlinko, is an SEO training company geared towards search engine marketing professionals across the globe.

Dean’s goal is to teach his clients how to use practical strategies to get more search engine traffic and this is also what he plans to talk about during his LAC session.

When: Saturday, 14:00-15:00: Mastering Google’s Lesser-Known Ranking Factors

Dave Gowan, Senior Conversion Consultant, Conversion Factory

Gowan has a passion for maximizing conversion.  His experience includes working with all sorts of companies from startups to huge web companies in telecoms, retail, gaming and travel.  Gowan is new to LAC as a speaker and should provide a fresh perspective on how to avoid mistakes and improve conversion rates.

When: Friday, 15:00-16:00: The 10 Conversion Mistakes Companies are Making Today

Lisa Myers, CEO & Owner, Verve Search

Myers has over nine years of experience in the SEO industry and over thirteen years in marketing and her agency specializes in both. Myers regularly speaks on international SEO and content marketing at conferences worldwide and also contributes to trade publications on the same subject.

 iGaming Business is delighted to have Myers speak for the first time at LAC on the subject of technical SEO and how to fix common issues.

When: Saturday, 11:05-12:00: Technical SEO – The Brick Foundations of SEO

Danny Ashton, Founder, Neo Mammalian Studios

Ashton has almost a decade of experience in the link building world and he is the founder of an infographics agency called Neo Mammalian Studios  (some of the infographics are pretty cool, check them out!)  Ashton’s sweet spot is building the kind of content that will result in links, social media attention and branding.

Ashton has yet to speak at an online gambling industry event, but he has worked with a number of iGaming affiliates and big name operators such as Unibet and Pokerstars so he’s familiar with our industry’s needs.

When: Saturday, 12:00-13:00: The Future of Link Building

Dele Sikuade, Business Advisor and Technical Architect, Countersoft

Sikuade is a software developer with over thirty years experience developing quality websites.  He started Countersoft in 2008, the company responsible for “Agile Project Tracking Software” and he also serves as the Head of Group Digital Development for Electric World PLC, the parent company of iGaming Business.

When: Friday, 16:00-17:00: How to get what you want and not what you asked for- Under the hood of agile web development

Sam Miranda, Senior Editor, Right Casino Media

Miranda has been covering the online gambling industry for five years through his roles with PokerStrategy and tradimo and now as the Senior Editor and content strategist for Right Casino Media.  Miranda is well versed in link building, content marketing and PR and he’s also a guest contributor to if you’d like to see him in action prior to his LAC presentation.

When: Friday, 11:45-12:45: Outside of the box link building: How to get your content on awesome domains