Fred Done again picks Manchester United to win EPL title

Fred Done Takes a Gamble on the Truck Stop Business

fred-done-thumbThere are some things in this world that are just pre-ordained. Death is one of them. Taxes too. And then there’s Fred Done backing Manchester United to win the English Premier League.

In what can be best described as a surprise to absolutely no one, the Betfred boss is once again seeing red and is bullish on the EPL chances of his beloved Red Devils. In a recent conversation with InterGame, Done was quick to praise his new BFF, Manchester United manager David Moyes, for the way he has prepared United to defend its EPL title. “I do know that Moyes works them very hard, perhaps even more so than the previous regime,” Done said while presumably waiving his United pom-poms. Meanwhile, in some dark hall inside Old Trafford, Sir Alex Ferguson must be weeping seeing Fred’s affection now directed towards somebody else.

All jokes aside, Done does see some value in Manchester United, especially since most of the money coming in on his sportsbook have come from bettors backing Chelsea and Manchester City (including one single bet of £350,000 on City to win the league), overlooking the reigning titleholders in large part because of the massive changes brought about by Ferguson’s departure and Moyes’ arrival. “I think the ‘David Moyes factor’ means the money’s not there for United but I also believe they have every chance,” Done said.

While he believes that the EPL title race will only include the aforementioned teams, Done still has a sleeper pick in his pocket. Surprisingly, the Betfred founder and chairman eschewed trendier picks like Arsenal and Liverpool in favor of a team that just lost its superstar to Spain: Tottenham.

Done admitted to taking massive money on Tottenham to have a successful season, whether that means winning the League Cup, the FA Cup, or the Europa League. Despite having loads of money tied up on a sleeper team like Tottenham, Done still believes that it’s a three-team race between United, City, and Chelsea.

And if he were to pick any of the three, his United pick is about as surprising as seeing a new Miley Cyrus twerking video.