SBC Asia – Manila Social touches down in the Philippines on September 6

SBC-Asia-Manila-Social-touches-down-in-PhilippinesThe event, which will be hosted by in partnership with Asia Gambling Brief, aims to tap into the burgeoning iGaming industry in Manila and provide a venue where local-based gaming officials can tap into the vast network and shared business experiences from iGaming experts that are expected to be in attendance.

Companies with vested interests in the iGaming industry in Manila, be it as a local-based company or one that’s located within the Asian region, are highly encouraged to attend the event. Nothing speaks more of the success of an event more than industry experts exchanging stories and business dealings within the iGaming industry.

Manila is widely expected to grow into one of Asia’s premier gambling hubs and the potential for the iGaming industry in this Asian destination cannot be understated. Should you or your company be interested in attending the first ever SBC Asia – Manila Social, feel free to register here.

One thing we know with certainty: attending SBC Asia – Manila Social will not only enhance your company’s profile within the iGaming industry in the Asian region, but it will also introduce you and your company to a vast and boisterous iGaming world where the name of the game is to have fun and enjoy all the exciting possibilities the growing iGaming industry in Manila has and will have to offer in the coming years. has become synonymous with hosting successful iGaming events all over the world. Since 2009, SBC has successfully hosted 16 events in numerous key iGaming locations in the world, including London, Vienna, and Gibraltar. Together with Asia Gambling Brief, considered as the region’s foremost networking platform, SBC hopes to turn SBC Asia – Manila Social into an annual event that will organically grow to become one of the premier iGaming conferences in the region.

Organizers are still in the middle of seeking sponsors for the event. Available sponsorship packages that are still up for grabs include main sponsorship of the evening, as well as a variety of other packages that will suit your company’s budget. Please email [email protected] or [email protected] for more details.