Taking Time With Sam Trickett in ISPT Wembley

Taking Time With Sam Trickett in ISPT Wembley

As I waited for Sam Trickett to walk back onto the Wembley pitch a security guard stopped him to ask if he had a pass? I thought it was quite funny and akin to someone asking Ryan Giggs if he has the authority to walk onto the Old Trafford pitch. After all, Trickett’s rather nice mug is spread all over this stadium. But it goes to show you, that as big as these names are, the world of poker is still in such a little cocoon.

Taking Time With Sam Trickett in ISPT Wembley

Trickett has come a long way in a very short space of time since he started knocking chips about in his local casino. These days the buy-in has to have six-figures in the title in order for the golden boy of British poker to have an interest. So what are his plans for this year?

“I am going to play when I feel like it. I’m not going to work too hard because I don’t have to. I’m not a huge grinder and so I am just going to play when relaxed and pick some of the higher buy-in tournaments.”

The return of Full Tilt Poker has seen a rise in the interest in the high stakes poker games. The rumor has it that Trickett does rather well when he has a spin-up, so are we going to see him play a more extensive role online.

“I don’t take online as seriously as I should, especially because I do well when I do play. The games are so big, but they aren’t great. I don’t go out of my way to play with the best in the world 3-4 handed. There are much easier games to find.”

Which begs the question, what happens to Trickett’s game when he plays in an event with a buy-in of €3,000?

“I have to say I haven’t been playing very well in the smaller buy-ins, including the $10k’s. I have been playing a high variance style but it hasn’t been working out for me so I have decided to cut down on them.”
Trickett’s strategy reminds me of the one that Jake Cody has. Select a few events for the year and win them all.

What a life.