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poker friendsTEL AVIV – November 27, 2012 – Available today, new mobile game Poker Friends allows both amateur and experienced Poker players to play turn-based Poker with the people they know, without having to be online at the same time.

When joining Poker Friends, the user can choose between starting a random game, creating a table or joining a pre-existing game already in progress. Once creating a table, the user can automatically “Sit” his Facebook friends on the table by inviting them to join the game. When the first invitee joins the table, the game begins and each player is notified via push notifications when it’s his turn to play. Other features include enabling of unlimited simultaneous games, table trash talk, badges & achievements and a customizable turn time limit for each table.

“We just wanted to create the kind of game we would enjoy playing”, Said CEO Gilad Almog.

“It might sound like a cliché, but our best gaming advisors were our friends and family. Those of them, of course, who weren’t already working for the company”.

Poker Friends has already captured the eye of major industry players, signing a wide-spread publishing deal with eGaming giants Bwin.Party and recruiting investors such as Gigi Levi, former CEO of

Poker Friends was developed by gaming company Big Blue Parrot, lead by 26 year old CEO

Gilad Almog and 28 year old CTO Gal Weizenberg.


For further information about the Poker Friends app or Big Blue Parrot, Please contact:

Itamar Cohen, Marketing & Advertising, Big Blue Parrot

Phone: +972-(0)54-631-8950

Twitter: @ItamarCohen5 | Linkedin: Itamar Cohen


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