Three Feathers Casino NY enters deal with EC Development; Alabama gambling corruption case continues

Three feathers Jennifer Pouncy

Three feathers Jennifer PouncyNew York’s Three Feathers Casino in Hogansburg has entered into an agreement with software marketers EC Development. The deal will see the company provide its Tahoe Casino Management (CMS) Product Suite for management of the casino’s gaming machines.

A press release states that EC Development will begin installation within the next 60 days and anticipates revenues in excess of $750,000 over the duration of the three year agreement.

CEO of EC Development, Gene Estep, said: “We are very pleased to enter into this agreement with Three Feathers Casino. We look forward to getting Three Feathers Casino up and running with our Tahoe CMS gaming technology that has worked so well for many other gaming clients that we currently have on the platform.”

EC Development’s flagship Tahoe CMS technology will ensure casino gaming is speedy and efficient to provide customers with a packaged, fully modern, fully computerised slot accounting, promotions, marketing, and reporting system.

General Manager for Three Feathers Casino, Philip Cook, said: “With the Tahoe system in place we anticipate a much greater level of visibility and control in managing our gaming floor, which in turn should help provide and even better experience for our customers.”

The agreement will allow the casino to run virtually any vendor’s games on one system.


The Alabama gambling corruption trial continues with the lobbyist who pleaded guilty to conspiracy now testifying for a second day.

A report by The Montgomery Advisor states that Country Crossing lobbyist Jennifer Pouncy testified this morning about the legislative process. After testifying Friday that she offered bribes to two former senators — Larry Means and Jim Preuitt – Prosecutor Edward Kang got her to describe how a pro-gambling bill was introduced in the 2010 session of the Alabama Legislature.

It is estimated by attorneys that Pouncy’s testimony will go on until tomorrow. Pouncy’s client, Country Crossing developer Ronnie Gilley pleaded guilty and  should testify later in the week, prosecutors said.