Don King turns to promoting gambling expansion

Don KingDon King, one of the more flamboyant boxing promoters is going through his promotional rhetoric in Florida, but this time, it’s not to promote a fight, rather, King is now promoting gambling expansion in Florida.

King is hoping a court ruling will help bring a casino style resort to the Sunshine State.

King is hoping to be able to transform the old jai-alai building into an entertainment powerhouse which he believes will also provide jobs.

After a ruling passed in Florida allowing lawmakers to approve slots anywhere in the state, King sees a real opportunity.
“We must dedicate and commit ourselves to a better Florida…It’s the Sunshine State, but we’ve been seeing a lot of darkness…We want to remove the darkness and bring in the sun again and give the people the opportunity to earn in the greatest nation.”

Call Don King what you want, but he sure knows how to promote his interests. The darkness King refers to is the alarmingly high unemployment rate in Palm Beach County which is currently at 11 percent.

Of course, King is not blind to the lucrative potential of casino style resorts in a key location, and he’s prepared to bring in the big guns to help him make his vision a reality. King will reportedly try to enlist the support of Donald Trump to get the ball rolling.