Football Handicapping Seminar Most Profitable Weekend of Year


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The most profitable weekend in all of sports happens each year at the Football Handicapping Conference and this year was no different. Close to one thousand people attended the weekend event at the Red Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on August 26th-28th.

The Team run a smooth ship, its no frills in the conference center, just hard core handicapping information for free! Get your notebook and pen ready folks, it feels like a two day class you had in college but on football betting.

“It is a real pleasure to be back here at Red Rock conducting our annual football handicapping conference for free to the public,” stated Peter Gold Executive Vice President & General Manager of, Inc. “We take great pride and pleasure in assembling and presenting some of the top industry analysts and experts for free to the public so that they can start the football season off as smarter bettors.”

Some of the more noteworthy events from the trip include:

1.) Every panelist at one point or another at the conference mentioned how important money management is when betting professionally. My biggest mistake last season was stepping up at the wrong time and not stepping up at the right time. This season I am going to try to perfect my money management skills.Handicappers

2.) handicapper Scott Pritchard told those in attendance to unload on the Baltimore Ravens to demolish the Pittsburgh Steelers in NFL Week 1. Pritchard told the audience the sucker bet is on the Steelers since they looked strong in the NFL Preseason, were the defending AFC Champions and beat the Ravens in Baltimore two times the year before. Those arguments did not move Pritchard and he cashed a huge ticket and his backers were very happy, me too $$$. Thanks for driving that one home Scott! Get Scott Pritchard’s winning sports picks at

3.) Professional Bettor Steve Fezzik told the crowd to jump on the Detroit Lions +3 vs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in NFL Week 1. He said the line would be +1 by kick off. He was right and anyone that snagged the Detroit Lions did not need the points, they won straight up. Thanks for the great information Fezzik! SeminarThis is a sports handicappers dream event and offers the novice bettor insight into how to bet sports for a living. It’s two days packed with a wealth of information on how to bet the odds, when to bet, when to lay off, how the oddsmakers set the number, line shopping, betting trend systems and every other aspect of wagering. The panels, some of the top handicappers in the world, break down every conference in College Football and every division in the NFL.

For serious bettors, its a must attend event to mark on your calendar and usually happens the last weekend in August each year. Besides the Football Handicapping Seminar, the Red Rock Hotel & Casino offers a high end luxury experience for a fraction of the cost of a typical hotel on the Vegas Strip.

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