Bud takes a leaf from online gaming book

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budweiser fa cupBudweiser, best know for distributing piss-water to the masses, will achieve a first this Friday night. It isn’t that they’re changing to recipe so that it actually tastes like beer either. As part of their sponsorship of this year’s FA Cup, the firm will screen the preliminary round tie between Ascot United and Wembley FC exclusively on their Facebook page.

Iain Newell, Budweiser UK marketing director, commented, “As a long-standing supporter of football globally, Budweiser is committed to bringing the world’s most prestigious knockout competition closer to the fans. What better way to demonstrate this than by broadcasting the very first kick to a global audience via Facebook.

“This is the first time a FA Cup tournament fixture has been broadcast live on the social network, which is great news for football fans and clubs alike.”

It has not been confirmed yet whether it will be rolled out to include matches in every round of the competition. It does show that the FA is continually trying to get with the times as they have been streaming games via their website for the past couple of seasons. If it means more free football available to the masses, then it’s very good news for the nation obsessed with the sport. The summer really is a bad time to be a football fan after all.

The gambling industry jumped on the live streaming bandwagon some time ago so it’s nothing new as far as they are concerned. The only thing left for the guys over at Bud to do is to make a beer more alcoholic to make online gaming industry parties even more of an event. Come on. You know it makes sense!


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