FIFA will trial nine systems for goal line technology

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Frank LampardFIFA today confirmed that nine companies have come forward to trial goal line technology ahead of possible implementation at the World Cup in 2014. Yesterday, we saw that England’s Premier League was satisfied with Hawk-Eye’s system and would have it employed now if FIFA allowed it.

FIFA commented that, “Each company’s respective technology will be scrutinized across a broad range of criteria, in both daylight and floodlit conditions.”

It also added that candidates must show their technology’s, “recognition of free shots on goal, with 100% accuracy required, as well as static and dynamic accuracy tests, to 90% accuracy in the first phase”.

In terms of how the message should be passed onto the official, it should be relayed “with both a vibration and visual signal required to be sent to the referee’s watch. This indication must be received wherever the referee is positioned on the field of play, or within the technical areas.”

It all sounds very complicated but if the Premier League thinks that Sony-owned Hawk-Eye’s system is up to scratch, then they could well use the same one in FIFA sanctioned tournaments. The International Football Association Board (IFAB) tested nine systems last year of which none were considered of sufficient quality. Hawk-Eye was not among them and the hope will be that this time they will decide to attend.

After the results are analyzed by IFAB, the best candidates will be invited back for a second round of trials. After that the successful system could be approved as early as next July, when the IFAB panel meets.


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