RGA gives its reaction to UK Gambling changes

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gambling1The Remote Gambling Association (RGA) is looking for any changes to the UK’s gambling to be sustainable for all involvement. It was revealed in press reports over the weekend that the government will be making changes to the country’s gambling laws and tightening up loopholes exploited by companies not based in the UK.

Clive Hawkswood, chief executive of the RGA, commented, “Now that the Government has confirmed its intentions, we intend to play a constructive part in the process to ensure that the new regulatory and tax regime will provide an environment where Government objectives can be achieved; where the industry can succeed commercially in the global online gambling market; and where the interests of consumers continue to be properly safeguarded.”

The RGA represents a number of the world’s licensed and listed remote gambling operators and is understandably interested at the news that the UK is changing it up.

Hawkswood also added, “The main players in the UK online gambling market are predominantly based offshore, but they already adhere to high regulatory standards which are comparable to those in Britain. Regulation by the Gambling Commission therefore holds no fears for our members, but a significantly higher tax burden that could lead to a reduction in value and choice for consumers certainly does. It is therefore clearly crucial that any new regulatory regime is complemented by a fair and sustainable fiscal regime. We look forward to working with DCMS, HM Treasury, and the Gambling Commission to ensure that all of these issues can be successfully addressed.”

As we stated yesterday and will go on to reiterate, only the clever will succeed if the changes are put in place. It will show how important the licenses are for the future of the iGaming industry in the UK.


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