Governor Hickenlooper calls for gaming commission members heads

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colorado gaming commissionColorado Gov. John Hickenlooper is red hot mad at the Colorado gaming Commission and has asked for the resignation of three members of the state’s gaming commission, citing their decision to give casinos a tax break.

Hickenlooper, a Democrat, felt that the gaming industry was getting undue special treatment. Hickenlooper felt the gaming industry in the state was already profitable and casinos are making multimillion dollar investments even during one of the worst recessions in U.S. history.

According the to statement Hickenlooper made as reported by Forbes,”Gaming should be subject to the same risks and rewards of operating and expanding as other industries that don’t have the same ability to change their tax rate based on market conditions.”

According to the Forbes report, Republican Rep. Carole Murray said she disagrees with the governor’s decision, and argued that the gaming commission is supposed to be independent and protected from outside influences that can effect decisions about the gambling industry.

This all stems from the gaming commission unanimously approving the tax break in May, which prompted the sharp criticism from and call for resignations from Hickenlooper, who felt strongly that the tax break would prove too costly for community colleges and other groups that rely on the gaming-tax revenue.

Obviously, what Hickenlooper is purposely overlooking is that the gaming industry contributes a significant amount of revenue towards public programs each year. It understandable why the Colorado Gaming Commission supported the tax break, a healthy gaming industry is paramount, particularly in a state that depends so heavily on the industry for revenue support.


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