Stanleybet wins Beligian sports betting license

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stanleybetEstablished in 1997, Stanleybet is licensed in the UK and other European jurisdictions. Over the years Stanleybet has grown its business through an innovative cross-border business model whose compatibility with European law has been endorsed in both the Gambelli (2003) and Placanica (2007) rulings from the European Court of Justice. Backed by a solid reputation, Stanleybet, one of Europe’s leading cross-border sports betting operators, has been granted an F1 terrestrial licence by the Belgian Gambling Commission.

The license will allow Stanleybet to expand its sports betting operations in the newly regulated Belgian market. Additionally,  Stanleybet will continue to expand its operation in Belgium through intermediaries in various outlets across the country.

Adrian Morris, deputy managing director of Stanleybet said in the release, “As far as regulating its terrestrial sports betting sector is concerned, Belgium indeed is moving towards a fair and level playing field that also maintains a good balance between consumer protection and a business friendly environment…We hope that France, the Netherlands, and Germany, Belgium’s immediate neighbours, but also countries further away like Greece will indeed take heed of this example in regulating the offline sports betting sector and alter their frameworks which presently contradict the EU Treaty and the jurisprudence of the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU).”

These were strong words from the managing director of Stanleybet, but we’re used to seeing that from Stanleybet.

Morris wasn’t finished as he continued to add in the release, “We also hope that the European Commission, with its recently opened consultation on the EU online gambling market in the form of a Green Paper, will also note that only by assessing the compatibility with the EU Treaty of the offline sector as well as online can there be consistency and compliance with CJEU jurisprudence…Any efforts that ignore the offline sector will be counterproductive in the end.”

To date, Stanleybet is now one of only four other operators awarded F1 terrestrial licences by the Belgian Gambling Commission, joining the likes of: Ladbrokes, Casino de Spa, Sagevas, Derby and Ludenz.


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