Olympic chief recommends new licensing rules

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ioc-president-recommends-licensingThe head of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has become the latest figure in the world of sport to call for better licensing in the sports betting industry.

Jacques Rogge is persuading governments worldwide to clamp down on illegal betting and delivered a stark warning that the credibility of all sports could be put in jeopardy.

Rogge commented, “We need their support, they alone have the judicial powers, they can tap telephone calls, they can issue warrants, they can search baggage — we cannot do that.”

It’s thought that Rogge has sought the advice of various sports federations, and regards ministers from Australia, Britain, China, and France as very important due to the regulations already in place in those countries.

“We are in favour of a system where betting operators have to be licenced by the government,” he added.

Although nothing has been found at any of the recent Olympic games there have been a spate of cases in the cricket world and the world’s most lucrative sport, soccer, has seen its fair share of betting controversies.

“There is a far bigger danger to the total credibility of sport because these are mafia people and they bet at the same time while manipulating the result of a match,” Rogge warned.

It certainly says something that the IOC president has come out in support of properly licensing bookmakers and the current Cricket World Cup may move those in Southern Asia to do so as well.


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