Poll suggests that New Jersey residents are opposed to Internet gambling

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new-jersey-residents-oppose-internet-gamblingThose campaigning for the enactment of an Internet gambling bill in New Jersey have been dealt another blow as a report revealed that a majority of residents are opposed to its creation.

Farleigh Dickinson University’s survey of Garden State residents found that 67% are opposed to Internet gambling being legalized in their state.

Peter Woolley, the poll director, explained in a statement, “People suspect that the Internet makes the barrier for participation in gambling too low, maybe a little like having a liquor store right at everyone’s door.”

It’s not all bad for the gambling industry though. The poll results, released this week, also reported that 53% of those asked were in support of lifting a federal ban on sports betting, 62% wanting it at Atlantic City casinos or New Jersey race tracks.

Most of those in favor of sports betting in the state are of the opinion that as residents bet on it illegally anyway then the government “should allow it and tax it.”

This poll won’t be good news for those hopeful that Internet gambling will soon be granted a green card in the state of New Jersey and comes just after reports that Governor Chris Christie could be close to denying the passage of the bill.

Although, if sports betting is legalized and shown to generate a large amount of money for the state’s economy then residents in the state may come round to the idea of not having to get on the dreaded turnpike to place a bet. In the meantime we’re off to see if there really is anywhere in the world that can profess to having a liquor store at everyone’s door. That would be some party!


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