When thieves cross the line

use a condom
no hat no cat

Generally speaking, stealing is wrong. I can understand the allure of getting rich off the big heist, robbing a bank, a train, Fort Knox, I get that, would never do it, but I can see how someone would try it. That said, there used to be only two things in my opinion that were off limits to thieves and that was medicine for the sick and beer for the sober. After what happened in Malaysia recently, looks like I’ll have to add a third item to my list.

It’s been reported by the Associated Press that Malaysian police have arrested three suspects involved in the heist of some 725,000 condoms, which have not yet been found. Mohamad Shukri Dahlan, the police chief of Malaysia’s northern Perak state, says the heist was “an inside job.”

Now thanks to these guys, thousands of “inside jobs” just got a lot more riskier, and for what? Even though the merchandise was worth around $1.5 million, nobody should want that kind of karma. If even just one unlucky Japanese dude or gal has an unplanned child or worse yet catches the ninja, or can’t seal the deal and get laid because he couldn’t find a rubber, that’s a damn shame.

The AP reported that Sagami Rubber Industries Co., one of Japan’s biggest condom makers, said 85,000 boxes of ultra-thin condoms vanished last month in the heist. 85,000! With all the bad karma coming these thieves way, let’s hope they get to get high on their own supply before they get busted. Because once they’re caught, where they’ll be going, they don’t use Hurry Hard condoms, or lube.