Bellagio chip thief caught

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Gambling News | Bellagio Chips thief caughtBack in December, we reported the news that someone had gone in and robbed the Bellagio blind of a load of chips in what sounded like a story that could be made into a low-budget straight-to-DVD Bollywood flop. Yesterday we had the online version of the same offence, as the English Neo tried starring in his own adaptation of the Matrix to no avail.

As the Englishman found out, the long arm of the law is like when you pull a Stretch Armstrong doll to its outer limits. The Bellagio thief has now also found this out to his cost.

CNN is carrying the story that police have picked up the gun wielding helmet wearer who robbed $1.5million of chips, the arrest taking place at 2300 local time (0200 Thursday ET) last night. It was reiterated that the investigation is still ongoing though.

The suspect is Anthony Carleo, 29, who is charged with robbery, use of a deadly weapon, burglary with use of a deadly weapon and trafficking in a controlled substance. There’s some twist to this story though.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has it that the man arrested is the son of Las Vegas Municipal Judge George Assad, and he was caught as he tried to sell chips to undercover cops.

Add to this that Carleo was in fact a guest at the hotel in December, and you start to think that this guy was quite the knucklehead. For Assad though this won’t look good – seeing as he’s also running for re-election in April.


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