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Gaming News - eCogra release dispute figureseCOGRA earlier found themselves in a position that they don’t usually expect, last year. It wasn’t that they’d been locked in the lift with a sweaty maintenance guy or been out to fetch the milk and been caught in a snowdrift. It was the fact that they’d been met with someone doing what they believed they did best – commending people.

Getting those props back in October meant that they were thirsty to start doing what they do best, and today marks that day. eCOGRA today released figures for the amount of disputes involving online gambling sites over the past year, specifically ones accredited by eCOGRA.

Tex Rees, the Fair Gaming Advocate at eCOGRA, released the figures but specific sites were not disclosed because “Security considerations prevent the disclosure of the location and modus operandi adopted by the swindlers, who were all subsequently discovered and blocked.”

In total there were 846 disputes in 2010, up from 826 for the year before which represents an increase of 10%. Out of these 67 concerned companies not accredited by eCOGRA and 125 were found to be invalid, being fraudulent, non-specific or abusive and anonymous in nature.

Rees added: “The small decrease in the percentage of disputes resolved in favour of the player, and a corresponding increase in allegations of unjust bonus disqualification have been proved through detailed investigation to be connected.

“A fraudulent player syndicate was caught out by sophisticated security systems, resulting in its members submitting allegations which subsequently proved to be false, but had to be painstakingly followed up.”

It might have been slightly more interesting had sites actually been mentioned but the amount of disputes going up is a trend that the industry won’t want to continue seeing.


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