The 2011 iGB Affiliate Award Winners

iGB Affiliate Awards 2011

iGB Affiliate Awards 2011If you missed the live stream of the fourth annual iGB Affiliate Awards, we have some highlights and all the winners, right here.

The 2011 iGB Affiliate Awards had the look and feel of a 1950’s Las Vegas Show lounge, complete with larger than life showgirls assisting the dynamic duo of the always-lovely Michael Caselli and the extraordinarily entertaining comedian Adam Bloom on stage.

When the live stream portion of the show begins, the first winners of the night are from Bet365, first James Woods of Bet365 wins for Best Affiliate Manager and then Bet365 takes home the award for Best Affiliate Program.

While Bet365 continues their amazing run of recognition, this night is about the Affiliates. The online Professional Poker School was the big affiliate winner of the night as they grabbed two big awards. Poker Strategy was honoured with the iGB Affiliate Awards for Best Poker Affiliate and the top prize for Best Overall Affiliate.

The judges appreciate Poker Strategy’s mission to improve the overall skill of poker players, which in turn equally benefits the players and the operators. Protecting the fish from the sharks is something we all should get behind. was up for the Lou Fabiano Award for Best iGaming Affiliate Community. We didn’t win but we would like to extend a big congratulations to the winner of the Lou Fabiano Award, the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association.

There wasn’t an award for best dressed but if there were, the fine gents from Bingo Port would have cleaned up; their Bespoke Tuxedos rose above the already sharply dressed crowd.

The night ended with a very special award, the first of kind handed out at the iGB Affiliate Awards. Michael Cesseli took the stage to the first award for Outstanding Contribution to iGaming Affiliate Industry to Dominique from for her exceptional and sustained work for the affiliate industry.

With 500 people coming from Israel, South Africa, Philippines, Sweden, Finland, Canada, US to name a few, the show was a truly global event and one of the finest the iGaming industry has to offer.

Here is a complete list of Winners from the 2011 iGB Affiliate Gaming Awards.
Best Affiliate Manager – James Woods – Bet365
Best Affiliate Program – Bet365
Best Affiliate Network – Income Access
Best Gaming Affiliate Community – GPWA
Best Newcomer Affiliate Program (presented by Neteller) – GoWild Affiliates
Best Newcomer Affiliate – Betting Pro
Best Payment System – Moneybookers
Best Innovation in iGaming Affiliate Industry –
Best Casino Affiliate (presented by Wagershare) – Casino City
Best Poker Affiliate – Poker strategy
Best Sportsbetting Affiliate (presented by Sports Betting Community) –
Best Bingo Affiliate – Bingo Port
Best non-traditional Affiliate – Affiliate Guard Dog
Best Overall Affiliate – Pokerstrategy
Outstanding Contribution to iGaming Affiliate Industry –

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Watch the summary and highlights videos here.