Poker eCom Wars: PokerStars ditches eChecks, Full Tilt checks bouncing

poker-war-pokerstars-echecks-full-tiltPoker forum 2+2 is positively bursting at the seams with irate players (even more so than usual) reporting that they are finding it nigh impossible to deposit funds onto PokerStars. Players have been receiving emails informing them that eCheck was, for the moment, no longer a deposit option at the #1 online poker site, leaving that tried and true standby Western Union as the only option for many players. The problem does not appear to be localized to any one jurisdiction, with players from New York, New Jersey, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, Missouri, Arizona and Nevada all reporting the same failures.

Meanwhile, the #2 online poker site, Full Tilt Poker, is being taken to the 2+2 woodshed over payout problems. Players reporting bounced checks are being told that the problem resides with Tilt’s roster of third party processors. Until the situation is remedied, Tilt is crediting players’ accounts and pleading for patience.

As some of the less hysterical posters on 2+2 have noted, neither of these situations are cause for concern re Stars’ or Tilt’s solvency, as players outside the US aren’t reporting similar grievances. It’s simply a reflection of the hoops through which US-facing poker companies must jump in order to serve their clients – a situation that isn’t likely to change anytime soon (unless you live in New Jersey or California). With so many former payment processors having chosen to cooperate with US Attorneys in exchange for lenient treatment, those directing the war against online poker eCom are feeling like they’ve got their second wind. Which blows, frankly…