Get ready to ROCK IT with Totesport Affiliates at LAC!


totesport_guitar_heroAs proudly announced last week, has partnered with Totesport Affiliates for their London Affiliate Conference Guitar Hero Tourney taking place on Friday and Saturday, 28 & 29 January, at Old Billingsgate.

This tournament is completely for fun, but the winner will be receiving a Wii and their very own Guitar Hero equipment, so there’s a pretty sweet prize and some powerful bragging rights in store as well.

If you don’t have the balls (or the boobs) to participate in this playful event, the very least you can do is cheer on Reporters Dana Workman and I as we battle against the industry’s finest and make complete asses of ourselves!!!

totesport_affiliates_logoIf you are interested in participating in the Totesport Affiliates Guitar Hero tourney, here’s what you have to do:

1)Sign up for the tourney on Friday, 28 January at the Totesport Affiliates booth #84.
2)Affiliates will be matched up against affiliate managers all day on Friday as they rock out to a popular song that has been chosen by team Totesport.
3)At the end of the day on Friday, Totesport Affiliates will choose the best male and female from each group based on their scores.
4)At 1pm on Saturday, the best male and female affiliates will go up against the best male and female affiliate managers during the semi finals.
5)At 3pm on Saturday the best overall male and female will go up against each other.
6)The winner of the competition is crowed “THE Best Rocker in the iGaming Affiliate Industry”. Now what could be better than that.
7) will be posting all the names, scores and the winner after the competition is over so you can congratulate or make fun of your colleagues, friends and competitors, whichever is most relevant…or enjoyable.

Totesport Affiliate's Toby Oddy

Good luck to everyone who is bold enough to participate, and in the words of Toby Oddy, Online Marketing Manager of,

“Lets rock
We will rock you
Rock and roll
Be a hero at LAC
I love rock and roll
Rock on
We built this city on rock and roll….”