Prepare to pretend to care about singing for five months

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Steven Tyler JLo IdolOver the years the online gambling community has grown to incorporate a lot of interests that can best be described as esoteric. From wagering on Hercules beetle sumo wrestling in Japan to betting how many times Obama will point at nothing in particular during the State of the Union, seemingly anything can inspire a bet. With the dawn of the New Year, the online gambling community is returning to a reality show staple that has come to dominate sportsbooks and Vegas odds makers over the past nine years – American Idol.

This year’s iteration, which aired its first episode last night, features a bit of a changeup for the show’s format, as three of last season’s judges were replaced with even more plastic representations of the music industry.

Gone are Ellen Degeneres, the smarmy British dude and that random chick who isn’t Paula Abdul, and in their place we get Stephen Tyler’s blown out lips and Jennifer “Jenny from the block” Lopez’s ass.

Though some gamblers have already marked some favorites for the talent competition, odds makers typically hold off on accepting wagers on prospects until the show changes format to live television later in the fall.


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