Money well spent, Isildur1 down $500K at PokerStars

Viktor Blom WSOP EuropeOver the past several months the biggest story in online poker has been the signing of the heretofore reclusive Isildur1 to play under the colors of team PokerStars and reveal his identity as 20-year old Swedish pro, Viktor Blom. The announcement was met with much fanfare and attention, as Blom has racked up a well-earned reputation for being a big action player. The unfortunate thing about big action is that it goes both way, and for PokerStars’ newest show horse, shit’s getting real bad, real fast. is reporting that Blom is already down more than $522,000 in little more than a month since signing up with the online poker room. The site also notes that Blom had dropped a staggering $2.5 million over at Full Tilt before signing with PokerStars.

Blom has had a hand in several of the largest pots in online gambling history, including the single largest hand of all time, a $1.6 million decision that the Swede lost to Patrik Antonius. Yet Blom is known to overplay his hand and stay in a game far too long.

“He’s probably one of the best – if not the best – no-limit heads-up player in the world but he can still go broke every single time he opens the laptop,” British pro Luke Schwarz told Online Poker News. “He’s only ever got a maximum of 20 buy-ins for any game he’s playing and [because] he doesn’t ever quit he can’t book a win.”