Isildur1 accused of godmoding by opponent

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isildur1-accused-of-godmodingAfter having over a year’s worth of speculation surrounding himself in the poker news columns, Isildur1 isn’t about to reveal to the world who he actually is. There’s still quite the circus surrounding the man everyone thinks is Viktor Blom, and following a big win just the other day, the knives, or should I say the knife is out.

Isildur1 took $175,000 off Scott “URnotINdanger2” Palmer over a six hour PLO session last week. This obviously infuriated Palmer and he now thinks that he’s smelt a rat amongst the Swede’s newly built IKEA furniture that Isildur1 bought with the winnings.

According to PokerNewsBoy, Palmer has been asking around other players who’ve faced Isildur1 on PokerStars whether they’ve noticed anything weird. He has so far chatted with fellow online pro’s “KPederson” and Rui “PepperoniF” Cao as to whether they think that Sweden’s finest has been “godmoding.” This is of course in reference to players folding when they have a hand and raising when they have no hand.

Full details of the chat sessions can be read on the PokerNewsBoy site at the following link, but any suggestion of a scandal won’t go down well with the hierarchy at PokerStars.

A similar scandal rocked Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet a few years back and he may well gain the nickname Is-a-cheat1 if the allegations are proved true. Of course Palmer will also live up to his screen name if the allegations are false though.


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