Two resign at Cake Poker

Note: NOT Jones and Ravitch
Members of the hierarchy at one poker network obviously didn’t like what they’d cooked up over the Christmas period, or were exposed as the guys that were playing around with the photocopier at the work Christmas party. Somehow the management knew whose behind it was!

At least, these are the conclusions we’ve drawn as a couple of heads have rolled at the Cake Network.

As of 3:00pm ET yesterday Card Room Manager at Cake Poker, Lee Jones, has ceased to be an employee at the company. In a post on the TwoPlusTwo forum, Jones said: “This is a brief announcement to let you know that, as of yesterday, I have resigned my position at Cake Poker and will not be making any further posts here. Their management has made some strategic decisions with which I’m not comfortable.”

At the same time Cake Poker have also lost the services of their Tournament Director, Serge Ravitch, or “adanthar,” as he’s known in the online world.

“It sincerely pains me to say that, for the same reasons, I am also no longer affiliated with Cake in any way. I wish them the best of luck going forward,” he stated on the same thread at TwoPlusTwo.

With no reply as yet from Cake, speculation will start to ramp up as to what the “strategic decisions” were. One thing’s clear though – the cake’s sure as hell gone stale for these two guys.