2000 Gambling Domains Up for Auction

Domain Auctions

Domain AuctionsAfter the record-breaking sale of Slots.com to Calvin Ayre, it seems everyone wants to put their gambling domains up for sale. Gambling.com is already on the market to the highest bidder and now the lame named Gambling Invest is offering a sale on over 2000 gambling related domain names.

If you are in the market for a new domain name for your gambling related affiliate site or if you plan to start your own gaming company, you may want to consider one of these gems, Easyinternetpoker.com, OnlineGamblingMania.com or CasinoReview20.com.

Of the 2000 domain names available, it seems most would be best suited for link building websites as they lack two major keys to a good domain name. The generic names are multiword and the brandable domains aren’t that brandable.

Link building sites are used to boost a primary websites Google Page Ranking. Companies will have hundreds of website that offer 3-5 gaming related articles that are rarely more than keywords wrapped in adjectives. The sites offer little in the way of genuine gaming content but they will include links back to the company’s main gaming or affiliate site. The more links to the website, the better the main websites page ranking.

These sites do the job in terms of search but it’s very difficult to create a lasting brand with the vast majority of the domains for sale.

After 30 minutes of searching, there are about 13 domains of the 2000 for sale that could loosing be deemed good for branding purposes. The best of the lot could be Londonbet.com or Totobet.com but unless AususErgoSum.com is the next multimillion dollar site, linkback sites are they way to go with these domains.

These multiword generic domains won’t fetch near the millions paid for Slots.com or the expected millions for gambling.com but based on sheer volume, Gambling Invest should make a nice chunk of change.

If you are interested in making a domain purchase, Gambling Invest will be selling the domains through the Proxibid platform between January 26 and February 2, 2011.