CasinoMeister acquires GoneGambling, a happy ending for John Abbott


CasinoMeisterTwo respected iGaming portal sites will now fall under the same ownership. Bryan Bailey, also known as “The CasinoMeister”, has purchased from John Abbott and will continue to operate the portal alongside of

This is big news for the iGaming affiliate industry, especially the old timers, as CasinoMeister and GoneGambling are two industry staples. Both companies established in 1998, almost a lifetime ago in iGaming years, and they have survived through various regulatory changes, several boom and bust periods in the industry.

GoneGambling founder John Abbott and Bailey have been friends and friendly competitors for years. Bailey considered Abbott a mentor and learned a lot about the basics of the business from him when they started in the late ’90s. When Abbott expressed interest in selling the site, Bailey jumped on the opportunity, “I contacted John letting him know that I was interested since GoneGambling has always been, in my opinion, a staple in the online gaming industry. I’m both honored and excited about the whole thing”.

So what does this acquisition mean for CasinoMeister and GoneGambling? Not a whole lot besides one common bier-drinking owner.

Bailey plans to keep both sites focused on what they do best. GoneGambling members will continue to have gambling fun and CasinoMeister visitors will continue to find industry knowledge.

“GoneGambling provides its members with a myriad of gaming where they can collect points that eventually can be redeemed for casino bonuses or other prizes”, explains Bailey. “It’s a world apart from CasinoMeister which primarily focuses on providing its visitors the tools to successfully navigate through the jungle of online gaming”.

This winter Bailey plans a re-launch and the addition of a few new games to the portal, all with the very same focus on fun that members have enjoyed at GoneGambling for the past twelve years. Stated simply by the Meister, “My plan is to concentrate on what GoneGambling has always been good at: entertaining the online gambler folk”.