PokerStars make new signing; Full Tilt welcome international superstar

signing-contractEveryone in the poker world knows that the two biggest playas in the game are PokerStars and Full Tilt. Their rosters read like the who’s who of the gaming tables. To have that emblem on your chest must feel like having a Champions League logo stamped on your sleeve. As they’re recognized as the two biggest, it’s no wonder that they sometimes feel the need to battle it out for supremacy. There are no weapons involved – it’s just not their style. PokerStars and Full Tilt simply sign up players and try to out-do the other company whilst doing so.

PokerStars’ latest signing is none other than the mysterious online cash game player, Isildur1. Widely believed to be the Swedish pro player Viktor Blom, Pokerstars announced the anonymous player who is responsible for some of the most memorable high stakes action ever seen.

The man himself commented: “I chose to join PokerStars because it’s the biggest site and it will be an exciting challenge. It means a great deal to be playing in a team alongside players such as Daniel Negreanu, Dario Minieri and Johnny Lodden.”

His arrival will see the launch of a cash game spectacular called SuperStar Showdown, in which he challenges all-comers to take him on at the nosebleed stakes.

Full Tilt meanwhile has gone down the celebrity route and someone that has worn the Champions League logo on his sleeve. If rumours are true, the best pouter in the world of sport has been playing at Full Tilt’s tables.

The screen name CR7sete has turned up at Full Tilt Poker Tables playing with Patrik Antonius and Jungleman12. It’s thought that it’s none other than Real Madrid winger Cristiano Ronaldo. Jungleman12 tweeted earlier this week “playing on full tilt vs Cristiano Ronaldo,” followed by “last night won 320 from patrik + a lot on other sites, ran pretty hot… didn’t do so well vs @cristiano though lol”.

After winning a small amount, he signed off after this chat with Antonius:

Patrik Antonius: wp champ
CR7sete: Thanks…
Patrik Antonius: footbol and poker good
Patrik Antonius: tennis is so so…
Patrik Antonius: ciao
CR7sete: I go the car now…
CR7sete: Good game…play tomorow
CR7sete: o text my mobile….
Patrik Antonius: ok
Patrik Antonius: ciao
CR7sete: adeus

It remains to be seen whether this is the real CR7, and if it’s anything like finding the mother of the child he fathers we could be waiting a long time for confirmation.