NSGC CEO Mullally resigns

The current CEO of the Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation (NSGC), Marie Mullally, will be stepping down from her role in the new year. It’s been reported that by January of 2011, the current VP of Gaming Operations Steve MacDonald will be taking over as the acting president and CEO.

Specifically, Mullally is expected to maintain her role until 14 January 2011, after which, Mullally will step down. Mullally has a new position lined up, after her departure from NSGC, she will begin her tenure at the Credit Union Atlantic president and CEO.

Gordon Gillis, Chair of Board for NSGC said about Steve MacDonald, Mullaly’s replacement, “Steve has already proven his outstanding leadership capabilities at NSGC…His experience and knowledge of the industry will continue to be very valuable for the organization in this capacity.”

Gillis was appreciative of Mullally, stating, “Marie has done a tremendous job for NSGC and for the Province…She was instrumental in putting Nova Scotia on the map for innovative responsible gambling programs that received international nods. She is passionate, professional and is responsible for managing the business of gaming in this Province in a socially responsible and economically sustainable manner. While we will miss her, we wish her tremendous success in her new role.”