Poker world being led by private firms


poker-world-led-by-private-firmsFor some time now over here at, we’ve been showing how a private ownership model is more likely to lead to success than a public one. It has long been championed by many on the tablog, not least Calvin himself, and looks set to be the one that marks out the real successes in the industry. It’s nice then, when someone else publishes an article that seems to echo this exact point.

Today saw a feature published on eGR entitled “Adapt or Die,” a link to which is here. The article itself looks at the gains PokerStars and Full Tilt have started to make in Europe, at the detriment of their North American operations. This is exactly why the nimble structure of a private company is perfect for work in a number of different jurisdictions.

The figures, obtained from (, are based on the market share and show that globally PokerStars (37.33%) and Full Tilt (19.66%) own over half of the overall market.

Even more interesting is the fact that Bodog are not even featured, and as ever are simply listed as Bodog on, whereas PokerStars and Full Tilt are both listed in all their separate jurisdictions and then combined.

It brings the conclusion that although the other three companies making up the top five (OnGame, Playtech, and PartyGaming) have all listed, the future will be for those who have decided that staying private is for them.