Cereus finally serious about security

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Everyone remember the reckless cheating and security scandals in the past on the Cereus online poker network. The network was formed by AbsolutePoker and UltimateBet in 2008, and really, is best known for one of the biggest cheating scams. Cereus has decided to get serious about its security. The network added a new layer of personal security to poker players with the launch of a new security token which is actually a technology mostly used by banks and financial institutions.

More machines? Anything but more machines! Always in the name of safety and security, that’s how the Terminator started… The security token is a small electronic device that once activated and tied to an account will require a player to use both their password and have the physical device at hand to access their account, it’s part of two pronged authentication approach…My question is, what happens if you lose the device?

According to Cereus, the security token will combat unauthorised account access and provide maximum protection to poker players every time they log in. Players can also upgrade their account security with the security token two-factor authentication process – the password plus the unique security code generated by the ‘one-button’ device. More numbers?

Team UB Pro Joe Sebok said “We are committed to doing everything possible to safeguard our network and players, and we want to provide every option to boost their personal security, particularly those who keep sick amounts of cash in their accounts day-to-day.”

Granted all of this added high tech security will keep bankrolls safe, hell, it’s safer than putting your money in a bank with all of this security. But pin codes, electronic devices, what’s next eye scanners? Voice activation? Or why don’t they just have every player on the network get a chip implanted into their brains? Machines. Some machine illiterate person out there is crying out “I just want to play some fucking poker”. Sadly, these days, all this security is actually necessary, considering the firepower the bad guys have.


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