Is California the new New Jersey?

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During the campaign, Schwarzenegger vowed to rid California of the Douchebag

It’s a universal truth that no matter where you go, there will be a different homegrown variety of douchebag. There may be redundant characteristics between the two groups, but their distinct enough to know who belongs where. Take for example Jersey douchebags and California douchebags: both are known for their orange tans, spiked hair and proclivity towards Ed Hardy bullshit. Yet while one likely goes to the beach to surf and the other heads to the beach to cruise for chicks, both of these douchebags could soon be crowding online casinos as California looks to be the second state to legalize intrastate online gambling.

The legislation, which would start small with a focus on online poker, is being pushed by the Poker Voters of America (PVA), who believe that the bill could gain a foothold with state legislators and lead to a regulated online gambling industry in the near future.

“We have a bill sponsor who will be announced in the next few weeks,” Melanie Brenner, executive director of the PVA, recently told the press. “The challenge in California has always been with the tribes, and we have made great strides there. We are just ironing out a few minor details and then we will be able to make a public announcement of their support very soon.”


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