Last week to get your Reporter Contest entry in

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As the reporter contest enters another week of feverish competition, we’ve this week been met with a number of quality entries, some of whose faces you may well have spotted around here before.

Last week saw three new entries into the fray but even with the added competition, Stephanie Gergeres has managed to stay out in front with an impressive 87 votes. Elysia Skye isn’t far behind on 60 votes, the others need your support to catch them up remember. Also, they had better all watch out as this week’s set of contestants are sure to turn the competition on its head.

Of the three girls and two guys that have submitted videos this week, the contest feels like it has a truly international feel with entries from afield as London and Mexico City. That’s what makes the job so attractive – you get to travel the world, visit the places you’ve dreamed of, and be part of the team. Oh and we almost forgot – you even get paid for it. It’s a fricken sweet deal!

Dana Workman will be familiar to any of you that have visited the site over the past week or so, and the LA-based presenter is not here to make up the numbers. Having in the past worked for CBS, FOX, ET, and, she numbers poker as one of the subjects she has regularly reported on, and her assertion that it’s fun to kiss and tell is something that we here at the tablog love.

Another person that you will recognize is this week’s blonde bombshell, Lucy Anne Brooks. The model from London has worked extensively for the tablog in the past, but has professed that she would now like to travel the world as part of the team. Her work on music videos, at awards ceremonies, and movie premieres make her a strong contender for the reporter gig.

The first male contestant this week comes in the shape of bilingual Canadian Adam Reid. He has being Canadian in common with the man himself and has worked in the past with dance groups and at car racing events. Being from Montreal he’s likely to be quite the character.

Kristine Nite is the last female entry this week, and the glamorous Las Vegas, Nevada resident has all the attributes to work well on camera. In the past she has worked on poker events, fashion shows, and events as diverse as National Lollipop Day and Miss Universe to name but a few. She likes to dance around a lot, something which will stand her in good stead at many an industry party.

Last but by no means least is the contest’s first Mexican entrant, Miguel Herrerias. Working on CNN and the E! Entertainment network, Miguel has rubbed shoulder with stars such as those from Sex in the City. This all makes him a perfect candidate for a job meeting and working with celebrities around the globe.

As for those of you out there still taking a moment to hesitate about applying for this job, what are you doing!? There’s now only a week for you to fill in the CONTEST ENTRY form and be in with a chance of winning the job of a lifetime.
That’s if you want the chance to visit Las Vegas, London, Macau, Manila, and Stockholm. Who wouldn’t?

A job that mixes work and lifestyle is a dream for most. Just make sure you don’t blur the boundaries too much!


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