Chiligaming announces US move

chiligamingEven if online poker hasn’t yet been legalized in the USA there’s plenty of other things that you can do. Those with the partying bug can drink all the alcohol they want and blame all the carryin’ on on the new pair of “beer goggles” they invested in. Also if you’ve really got that inkling for gamblin’ most of your friends would suggest you go live in Nevada. You don’t want people telling you what to do though! Your perfect life would involve sitting in front of your computer with a crate of beers playing poker.

It’s not just a pipe dream any longer though…

Good news for US players is that this is getting closer and one French online poker company have obviously had enough of fine French wine and fancy trying some nice light US lager. Chiligaming have taken it upon themselves to launch a subscription based poker site for US players. This is currently legal in the US and means they will gain a valuable foothold in the country should legislation go through in the near future.

CEO of Chiligaming, Alex Dreyfus, commented: “We are very excited about this new dimension to our business. Our economies of scale will help this be a strong mechanism for further growth and it will help fill the void that exists in markets where online gaming is restricted and consumers want to play poker. In markets where we operate online gaming, this new product will provide consumers with more choice.”

The site is expected to launch within the next year at some point along with a line of chili flavoured shots for any new customers (we might have made up that last part, would be kind of cool though).