Convict Party to be fighting the next General Election

prisoners-get-voteIf you look back to the time when the Puritans were around you were lucky if you were allowed to speak without someone trying to accuse you of taking liberties. Nowadays they’re even allowing black people to sit at the front of the bus and women the chance to vote. Those Puritans will be turning in their graves – to think their main grievance was with a bunch of actors. The latest news will have them exhuming themselves in the hope that order can be restored though.

England’s Prime Minister David Cameron caved into the assertion by European Courts that not allowing the prisoners the right to vote infringes their human rights. Cameron was ‘angry and exasperated’ at having to abolish the 140-year ban. Our good friends over at William Hill, who were probably around when prisoners were last allowed to vote, are even offering odds on when it will happen.

Spokesman Graham Sharpe said: “This is a controversial issue, with the government apparently unable to prevent certain prisoners being able to vote – the question is, what level of sentence is likely to rule offenders out of a vote”

The odds themselves were as follows:
Those sentenced to less than 4 years – 11/10
Those sentenced to 4 years or less – 7/4
Those sentenced to more than 4 years – 5/2

Discussions are already said to be underway by the European Courts to allow these prisoners to start up the “Convict Party” and run for government. Actually, we already had that with Lord Archer didn’t we?