Bodog’s Ed Pownall breaks down betting on elections on Dylan Ratigan Show

Betting odds have become so accurate and reputable that they are now being used as legit forecasts for political outcomes. We shouldn’t be surprised about this as this is something industry professionals have been aware of for years. In the midst of a intense political debate in the US, Ed Pownall, Bodog’s Global PR Director makes an appearance on the political talkshow known as The Dylan Ratigan Show.

This interview is yet another example of the growing credibility on the online gambling industry. Bodog’s Ed Pownall makes the excellent assertion that so-called political experts and their forecasts can afford to be completely off, but online operators take special care in getting these odds right, why? Because “we lose money if we don’t get these odds right, so we have to get them right”. Too bad they didn’t spell his name right, silly Yanks. Perhaps the next topic should be on edumaction.