Bingo Reviewer Hallowe’en Competition Unearths a Genuine Ghost

In one of the spookiest stories you’ll ever hear, a leading UK online bingo affiliate, has uncovered a genuine haunted house. The house belongs to the winner of their recent Hallowe’en competition to win a family pass to The Dungeons.

Throughout October, to celebrate Hallowe’en Bingo-reviewer ran a competition in which the entrants had to submit an original spooky picture. It’s a wonderful seasonal promotional event where First prize for the most spookiest picture would be awarded a family day pass to The Dungeons, courtesy of Merlin Entertainments.

When contacted the selected winner Mary Mullarkey of Pinner, that’s when things got really spooky. The team was surprised and no doubt scared shitless to be told that the winning picture is of a genuine ghost. No malarkey. The winner, Mrs Mullarkey said,

“My picture is of my nan Mary, who I’m named after who visits me and my family on a regular basis. I was very close to her, so I’m guessing this is why she visits, keeping tabs on me no doubt! My husbands’ Dad also visits too, and also a little girl named Amy. Reason I know this, is as I’ve had a lady round to confirm this.”

Sounds like one big happy family…What’s next? Is Beetlejuice going to call the World Series? It sounds like an episode of Poltergiest! But hey, if you have ghosts helping you win competitions, more supernatural power to you. Wouldn’t want to have dinner at that house.

Site owner Richard Sharp is both surprised and delighted that this winner had additional help from beyond the grave and fortunately for Madame Mullarkey and her band of ghouls, such help does not in any way contravene the terms and conditions of the competition.

Sharp said today “The Hallowe’en competition was a great success and I was pleased with the response from our members, the team is busily putting together another exclusive competition on the run up to Christmas.”

I wonder who will win that competition, the ghosts of Christmas past?